zBlock 4.6 released
News! zBlock 4.6 has been released and is compatible with the latest SRCDS update from VALVe.

Full Changelog:

-Made a change to the netcode to optimise it better for competitive play.

-Added new cvar "zb_removals" (Default: 0 - Disabled).
When set to "1" all junk props are removed from the map.
When set to "2" it removes all oil drums.
When set to "3" it removes both oil drums and junk.
Best combined with the client setting "cl_phys_props_enable 0".

-Added new cvar "zb_illegaldefusefix" (Default: 0 - Disabled).
When set to "1" you are unable to defuse unless you can see the bomb and a message is displayed telling you so.

-Added new cvar "zb_antiflash" (Default: 1 - Enabled).
When enabled players who are under the full effect of a flashbang will be unable to see other players...
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